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Thor Olson - Nightscapes

I have a backlog of photographs to share, and I have some stories I’d like to tell. And I expect there will be new ones to come.  The stories have found a place on my personal website in blog form, but the photographs deserve a better, more visual home.  Well, here it is!

I am a retired color scientist, someone who has had the pleasure of working at the crossroads of art and science.  I have also had a lifelong interest in photography, witnessing and participating in, and even contributing to, the transition from film to digital imaging.

I became interested in astronomy when my nine-year-old son asked to go out and identify some constellations for a school project. We drove a few miles to a park where we watched the stars emerge from the twilight. We discovered that the moons of Jupiter could be seen through binoculars, located constellations with familiar zodiac names, and saw the Milky Way splashed across the sky. It was an enchanting experience. Now, many years later, my son's interests have advanced to more important things but I'm still investigating the night sky, attempting to capture the romance and magic of the night through the lens of my camera.

The photos in the nightscape galleries are from my collection of night sky exposure experiments made over many years.  Each represents hours and hours of work and I share them here for your pleasure, inspiration, and educational benefit.   I'm not a professional photographer and do not seek revenue from them, but do maintain their copyright.  Enjoy them, share them, use them for school projects and all those other non-commercial purposes, but if you have  an interest beyond the fair-use terms of copyrighted material, please contact me via the button below.

Oh, and feel free to contact me for any other reason too!  I'd love to hear from you.

And if you would like to follow my various contributions to Thor's Life-Notes blog, I invite you to visit and sign up. I intend to post descriptions of my work as I take on new projects.

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